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Alan Perry is a certified crop advisor, certified professional agronomist, and owner of Farm Technologies Network (FTN). Based in Maine, FTN is experienced in working with growers on soil fertility issues in 26 US states and in 15 countries on more than 40 different crops. As a 5th generation farmer, Alan is knowledgeable in all aspects of farm ownership, management, marketing, crop production, and equipment operation. Alanís practical knowledge and expertise go beyond traditional methods to include innovative and sustainable strategies for all types of farm operations. 

Farm Technologies Network's mission of solving farm problems, includes finding and distributing ideas and information that address farmers problems today. Our network of people and information allows us to work in all soil types, wherever food is grown. An important part of our management structure is taking into consideration the increased input costs for growing crops.

Areas of special interest include: 
  • soil testing and crop fertility programs using the Albrecht System
  • microbiology - plant and leaf testing - emergency problem solving
  • agricultural economics - environmental issues 

Because high quality crops are grown in the field and not created after harvesting, we must address the health of the soil to ensure the health of the crop. We help growers provide consistent crop quality and options for managing soil fertility in a variety of circumstances. 

Problems of storage, color, weight, internal defects, external defect (like scab) and insect or disease pressures, can be traced to specific imbalances in the soilís levels of fertility. In order to manage the chemical, physical, and biological components of soil, we must have a reliable soil audit to build on that allows efficient management of all resources. 
We develop the best soil fertility programs for auditing soils. Our attention to the soilís microbiology, oxygen/water management, can protect your crops and solve common issues of storage and processing quality. 

Other diagnostic services include electrical conductivity mapping (Verris technology) to find trouble areas and the cause and effect connections for common storage and quality issues. 

With special studies in plant science, soil fertility management, composting, microbiology, entomology and Egyptian bio geometry, Farm Technologies Network is dedicated to delivering quality solutions for quality concerns. We offer the best people, techniques, and products available. 

If you want greater yield or productivity with a better bottom line, email us and stay tuned while our site is under construction. 

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Alan Perry, Certified Crop Advisor

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